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This one is for you

Would you like me to sing for you?

listen up...
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Friend's Only.

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I made this journal to post my songs, my poetry, my theories, and any deep deep thoughts I have. Be a dear and let me know what you think.

affection, afternoon naps, armand, bass guitars, beaches, beauty, bedroom eyes, being in love, being loved, being silly, being with you, belly dancing, best friends, big hair, black, black cats, black haired boys, blood, body piercing, boys with hair, bright eyes, camping, chains, cheesecake, clear eyes, collarbones, corny jokes, corsets, creativity, cuddling, dancing, deep eyes, disneyland, dorks, dreams, drinking, driving, eyes, fetish, flowers, fortune cookies, four-wheeling, friends, full lips, future, gay friends, getting letters, giggling, glitter, going to concerts, guitar-playing guys, guitars, halloween, handcuffs, hip bones, holding hands, homegrown, hope, horseback riding, hugging, hugs, i love you, impromtu trips, infatuations, ink, innocence, jack skellington, kisses, kissing, kissing at red lights, laughing, laughing til i cry, laughing til it hurts, leaves, letters, life, love, love letters, lovers, loyalty, lust, making out, marius, memories, movies, music, my bed, my friends, my hair, my homies, mythology, nau, non-conformity, pain, partying, passion, phone calls, pictures, piercings, pillow talk, pink, poems, poetry, rain, recieving letters, red, road trips, romance, sarcasm, scars, sex, shaking my hips, shopping, shyness, singing, singing in the rain, sleeping, snow, snuggling, spankies, spring, stars, staying up late, storms, sunsets, sunshine, taking pictures, talking, tatoos, the beach, the format, the moon, the simpsons, the snow, the way you move, trust, truth, vampires, walks, warm blankets, warm weather, weekends, windy days, writing, writing songs, you, your endless love